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Cannabis use after the extensive workouts is pretty much standard and it can relax your body well so you could achieve the proper sleep pattern. One of the latest strains is a comatose weed that contains around 22% of the THC, making it perfect for the bed-time use! The growers and professional cannabis enthusiasts grow the super strains that can knock you off and send you to sleep if your body and mind get too tired after the workout! Take a look at the best strains that you can use after and prior to the workout!

Comatose weed – only before the sleep

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This strain is among the most expensive ones at the moment and it contains 22% of THC! While it will knock you down, it will not stone your body completely. This is true as long as you do not smoke large amounts of it, as in the increased amount produces “comatose”- like feeling! It showed great results in providing the “spacey” feeling, as well as in the treatment of insomnia, pain and muscle inflammation. An ounce of this super-strain might be over $100, but you can be sure that you will be relaxed!

Sour cheese – pre-workout strain

If you need some weed-boost prior to your workout, you should definitely try Sour Cheese! This is a classic hybrid-sativa-dominant strain that will get you energized and ready for the optimal performance in the gym!

The genetics contains classic cheese strain and the sour diesel genetics that are known for the calming effects. While it will not provide the stoned effect in the smaller doses, this strain can put you to sleep as well. Therefore, try to find your optimal dosage so you could work out after you try this strain!

Super Lemon Haze – boost your workout with the energetic high

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Any Haze strain you choose will provide you with the energetic buzz while your body will not be affected. Therefore, Super Lemon Haze is a cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, both known for the energetic feeling! It will motivate you to work out hard as long as you do not smoke too much before the workout. Though it has up to 25% of THC level, the strain is known for producing the balanced high in the smaller dosages. Try to stick to these prior to workout.

Ghost Train Haze – smaller dosage for pre-workout

Another Haze strain that produces uplifting and cerebral high that is perfect for the exhaustive workouts. It has a sweet/citrus aroma that will stay in your mouth for a long time after you smoke it, as it the nugs are packed with THC crystals and potent terpenes. It showed great results in pain treatment, making it perfect as an addition to your gym supplements. The low amounts boost the concentration and creativity while the higher dosages can provide the sedating effect, making it good for the after-workout relaxation.