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The cannabis sativa is among the best plants that can give you the perfect relaxation after a hard workout as this plant relaxes your muscles and the brain. While recreational use is becoming legal almost anywhere, people still want to find the best way to use all its healthy properties instead of only recreational use. The best cannabis stores offer all of the strains that we will mention in this article and do not hesitate to order one of these to provide yourself a nice calming treatment!

Great White Shark

Marijuana And Cannabis

Marijuana Is Ready To Use

Although this is a classic sativa dominant strain, it offers the fantastic genetics that was carefully treated for the decades! The final result comes in the sticky and dense buds that are not intended for the daily use, but rather for the “bed time” and occasions when you need to relax your muscles after a long work or extensive workout! It reminds of the classic Skunk strain, but it does not “confuse” you like Skunk.

Instead, it calms you down and prepares you for the steady sleep! The strain is recommended for the experienced users, though the rookies can use it in the small dosage.

Master Kush

The famous Kush can do wrong, especially when you need a deep sleep and relaxation time! Master Kush is the advanced genetics of Kush family, which originates from the Hindu Kush mountains and features the delicate and distinct smell!

Cannabis Oil

Bottle Of Cannabis Oil

While it calms your mind, the prevailing indica genetics will produce the couch-lock effects, which you need after the exhaustive workout! It relaxes your sore muscles and provides you with the calming effect that is perfect for the time right before bed! Avoid using it before the workout at all costs, as it is intended for the post-workout only due to the increased CBD volume!


If you need something that will calm your muscles but also to make you more energetic after the gym, AK-47 is the strain to go with! This strain combines Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani roots and delivers the exotic and unique taste that is distinguished and well-respected! It showed fantastic performance in the muscle relaxation, without making your mind “numb”!

You can still be highly social after you consume it, while your muscles will not be stiffed! Therefore, it is not made for the right-before bed consumption, but rather for the mid-evening use as you will not go to sleep right after you use it.

Jack The Ripper

Jack The Ripper offers a mellow head high that allows you to stay functional while delivers the stone/couch lock in the higher dose! Therefore, it is recommended to use this strain after the workout in a bit higher dose to catch the calming and relaxing effects. The higher concentration of CBD in higher dosages will produce a relaxing effect that will eliminate the tension in your muscles! Jack The Ripper is probably the least expensive of all the strains we mentioned in here, while it offers fantastic results in the post-workout healing!