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Numerous states including Washington DC have legalized medical marijuana. The American public broadly supports the use of weed, and 84% of them accept its use in medicine.

When it comes to recreational use, at least 61% of Americans promote recreations pot consumption. Even though in the past we had insufficient evidence claiming cannabis healing properties, recent research shows that these claims were legitimate.


Medical marijuana is part of the plant used to treat health problems. That’s why you shouldn’t buy flowers because you don’t know the origin, nor the source. But, let’s see what kind of effect weed can have on our health.

Chronic pain

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine published a massive review where they evaluated more than 10,000 scientific studies. The research included medical benefits and side-effects of marijuana.

One area of the report focused on chronic pain and how to treat it with cannabis. A leading cause of disability is chronic pain, and it affects more than 25 million Americans. The research showed that cannabinoids, active compounds in the cannabis plant, touch the same receptors in the brain marijuana.


It means they have the power to lessen the symptoms and elevate pain.

Alcoholism and opioid addiction

The Clinical Psychology Review published a study where presents evidence that marijuana can assist people with alcohol and drug addiction.

However, this review caused a lot of controversies. Up until recently, we believed that pot use triggers addiction, and increases the risk of abusing drugs. Also, when people smoke marijuana, they are more likely to develop substance-related problems.


But, if you are trying to quit alcohol and opioids, then make sure to discuss this issue with your doctor. Clinical trials are one thing; your health is another.

Depression and mental disorders

Various reports and studies explored the influence of cannabis on mental illnesses. Some scientist found that pot can relieve depression and PTSD. On the other hand, marijuana might not be an appropriate treatment for other conditions, such as bipolar disorder and psychosis.


Also, there is some evidence that cannabinoids can lessen symptoms of social anxiety. However, the other study found that marijuana users may feel more anxious than before the treatment.


Cancer is one of the reasons why cannabinoids, mainly TCH and CBD, became popular. In the last couple of years, we had a lot of controversies surrounding this topic. While some users claimed that cannabis saved their lives, others were disappointed with the results.

However, numerous evidence suggests that cannabinoids can reduce the symptoms of chemo, nausea, and vomiting. Some studies claim that cannabis has the power to slow down or kills the cancer cell, but we don’t have enough proof to support these claims.


Last year, FDA approved the use of medicine containing cannabinoids. It will treat two rare and severe types of epilepsy.


The medicine contains CBD, which isn’t psychoactive. The drugs for this treatment include a purified form of CBD and approval is based on studies and trials.