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Silver Chain is one of those pioneering companies establishing a new popular trend in modern health care systems. Namely, this company is dedicated to providing hospital – quality medical services to various patients right at their homes. Many people, especially elder patients and patients struggling with more than one chronic disease require frequent medical interventions, regular therapy, constant monitoring and a wide range of allied nursing and care services. Making all these procedures available to these patients in their homes unburdens both patients and health care systems significantly. It relieves patients from frequent hospital visitations, confusing and exhausting transferring from one medical center to another and enables a higher quality of total medical service when all required interventions are conducted at one place. Since this system is gaining its popularity, our team of medical experts decided to join forces with Silver Chain and provide a wide range of services to their patients.

Services for young patients

Our experts readily deal with newborns, toddlers, children and adolescents who require frequent medical servicing in their homes. There are pediatricians in our team handling common diseases among newborns and children, assuring proper growth and development, instructing parents regarding adequate diet and diets adjusted to various diseases. Our team also includes infectologists, since infective diseases are the most common among young patients. Cardiologists specialized in pediatric cardiology provide regular monitoring of kids with inborn heart anomalies. Finally, our expert psychologists offer dedicated work with adolescents and typical teenage health issues.

Services for adult patients

Most adult patients requiring home care suffer from some serious disease that prevents them from proper functioning in their daily routines. Many of them also require regular monitoring, medical diagnostics and assuring their therapy is being applied adequately. Our medical experts partnering with Silver Chain provide full cardiology examinations, as well as monitoring of severe respiratory conditions. Blood and urine needed for various testing are sampled in patient’s home, altogether with routine servicing: blood pressure measuring, check-ups for blood sugar levels, electrolyte concentrations and many more. Also, our experts assure that insulin or oral anti-diabetes drugs are applied properly, same as any other treatment. We provide rehab programs for patients with strokes, myocardial infarction or severe degenerative muscle and bones conditions. Asthmatic patients are provided with oxygen therapy and regular testing of respiratory functions. Patients with severe injuries are conducted to wounds treatments, urinary incontinence treatments, rehab schemes for restoring muscle and joint functions and many more services.

Services for older patients

Aside from all the services available to adult patients, seniors require some specific approaches to their overall health condition. Attention is given to senile patients requiring cognitive training and improvement of their coordination. Our neurologists provide modern treatments to these patients. Regular analgesic therapy is provided to cancer patients, as well as all the services included in palliative medical care. All our medical experts are available for emergency interventions, as well as for any kind of consultation and examination required out of the regular schedule of services.