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While there are still numerous countries debating whether cannabis utilization should be legalized, everyone agrees that this herb has some positive effects to human health and physical condition. Some of these positive effects are still uncertain, but the anti-inflammatory effect of cannabis has become a fact so far. And it is being used to suppress all sorts of pain and inflammation. The widest utilization of cannabis is among cancer patients and people struggling with degenerative and autoimmune diseases, but many patients with arthritis or any other form of pain opt for this product as an alternative therapy. Recently, hundreds of people turn to cannabis products to relieve their muscle pain, tension and inflammation caused by the excessive workout.

There’s a wide range of products useful for this purpose, the catch is to purchase them from a reliable manufacturer and to pick the products that suit your needs best. The Green Society in Canada offers high – quality cannabis products and you can buy edibles online Canada, but first go through our review of the best cannabis edibles for the post-workout recovery. You’ll find it useful whether you exercise recreationally or you need it as a professional athlete to cope with your competitions and challenging training.

Cannabis baked goods

Cannabis baked goods

The market is currently overwhelmed with cannabis-infused baked products coming in all sorts of taste and shape. Most of them have high concentrations of THC and should be properly dosed and divided before consumption. The flavors are delicious and the effects are certain. After a tough workout, these baked goods will not only infuse you with energy but also relieve your muscle pain and induce general relaxation. One of the best products among many brownies, cookies and crackers is Double Chocolate Cookie. This product blends two types of chocolate soaked with carefully dosed cannabis oil and all spiced with vanilla and cocoa extracts. Cannabis THC extract is added in safe dose that will express anti-inflammatory, analgesic and energizing effect, without mental effects or side-effects. The product is perfect for after-workout consumption.

Cannabis-based sauce and concentrates

The cannabis based sauce is a form of cannabis distillate which contains high concentrations of THC and CBD. Distillates are made to be a delicate and subtle addition to main meals, but may also be used with drinks or solely. Discreet flavor and odor make them perfect for consumption while being among other people and the positive effects are many. Cannabis sauce contains live resin and clear distillate combined into a solution that stimulates tissue regeneration, energizes your body and mind, eliminates the excessive concentration of lactic acid which is directly responsible for post-workout muscle inflammation.

Cannabis candies

Most athletes avoid taking candies after their workout since that might decrease the number of calories burnt during exercise and it’s hard to control body’s need for high-energy products after excessive training. However, chocolates containing cannabis have strictly dosed amounts of concentrated sugar, while other ingredients and CBDs add the flavor and energizing effect. Cannabis candies, also, relieve stress and pain, fight insomnia and balance chemicals in your body often caused by dehydration during training.