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When you think about marijuana, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Is it a strange hippy with weird clothes, or a healthy athlete? The majority of people link cannabis to stoners and people who are laid back. But, this perception can change soon.

Considering it’s a quickly growing industry, cannabis and its products could soon be regarded as essential vitamin supplements which will keep your body healthy and active. Maybe you have already seen cannabis-based recovery products marketed at your gym, but are you willing to try them?

For that reason, we advise you to check Weed Smart review, to learn more about cannabis and even order high-quality medical buds to your doorbell, in order to recover yourself from the workout – you can even mail order cannabis to new Brunswick!

Will you get high?

hemp-cannabis-flowersThe essential experience with all cannabis byproducts comes down to the substances located inside, so-called cannabinoids. They are found in different cannabis plants, such as marijuana and hemp. You can find more than 115 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, and they all have various purposes.

The two most important are THC and CBD. THC is commonly most famous because it has psychoactive properties and can get you high. However, CBD can be found in hemp plant, and it’s non-psychoactive, so there is no high when inhaled or ingested.

So far, numerous studies have confirmed the healing properties of a cannabis plant. Many patients use it in treating various health conditions, and some of them are life-threatening. And while some are thrilled with the mind-altering experience that comes with TCH, others are more excited for the pain relief that CBD delivers.

Cannabis supplements for workout recovery

In the last couple of years, everyone has been raving about cannabis-assisted improvement. Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D. and the CEO of the Medical Marijuana, Inc., shares a couple of interesting facts. His business was the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States, and that’s why Titus is a strong proponent of CBD and tries to popularize supplements as a mean of athletic recovery and pain management.

When Titus was asked to explain his claims and to provide some backup for the research his company has been conducting, he pointed out the highest possible authority.

The Department of Health and Human Service pointed out that non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD is preferable to use because you can intake larger doses without getting intoxicated of experiencing any side-effects.

Based on many clinical trials, scientists discovered that cannabinoids have both antioxidants and neuroprotectant properties. This means it can be used to treat many conditions, from a sore knee to Alzheimer. In this case, compounds found in cannabis plant are excellent for your body and your brain, and this is the official statement and stance of a department of the US government.

So far, numerous people reported that regular consumption of CBD helped them sharpen their mental skills. CBD is also linked with reducing the inflammation and soreness which often occurs after intense training and exercise. Many doctors believe that this compound can be more beneficial than vitamins and supplements.