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The modern concept of attractive body imposes perfectly contoured, slim body and healthy, elastic, young skin. With age and unhealthy lifestyle, this ultimate aim becomes harder to achieve. The combination of effective, regular exercise and healthy routine diet remains a superb method for shaping your body, losing weight and staying fit. However physical activity and low-caloric diet may keep you in shape, sometimes it’s just not enough to reach perfection. Also, exercising and diet usually don’t eliminate cellulite, sagging skin and wrinkles collected over the years. This is where trimming your body requires a comprehensive approach. Although people usually think about plastic surgery first and give the idea up due to fear of invasive procedure and all the associated risks, there is another, safer but equally effective method: body contouring procedures.

How does body contouring work?

By definition, body contouring is the non-surgical procedure for fat reduction. This cosmetic procedure is conducted in many plastic surgery centers, but it is important to accent that the procedure is non-invasive and is not associated with common risks of surgical interventions. The treatment utilizes high-energy waves and their heat to stimulate collagen production and enhance fat cells melting. This affects cellulite deposits directly beneath the skin and increases the overall amount of collagen, main structural protein in charge of giving elasticity to your skin and tissues. The treatment is perfect for eliminating excess skin, pockets of fat tissue, wrinkles and fine lines scattered on the skin, providing you with perfect, elegant body shape and elastic, fresh, young skin. It is usually applied to common areas where fat pockets collect: tummy, buttock, arms, and legs. It can be applied onto face as well, but it is not standard procedure. These days, more and more people are using various skin products from https://store.quantumwellnessbotanicalinstitute.com and so far they have confirmed positive results of these products in combination with body contouring.

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Body contouring is more than an aesthetic improvement

This advanced cosmetic treatment is advised to anyone who wants to gain fine finish of the body shape after a combination of healthy diet and exercise had reduced weight and the total amount of fat stored in the body. It is not an adequate replacement for these methods of weight reduction nor effective on larger surfaces. Body contouringeliminatespersistent and hard-to-reduce fat pockets without incision or another form of invasion. It will stimulate collagen production, which is the best way to regenerate your worn-out skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines. Aside from cosmetic effects, body contouring has some significant health benefits. It stimulates and improves peripheral circulation, enabling elimination of various toxic metabolic products and prevention of peripheral atherosclerotic issues. It reduces oedema and increases the functionality of various body areas.

Before and after treatment

To be an adequate candidate for body contouring treatment, you should be in good general health condition, without any significant chronic disease. Two weeks before the procedure, you should reduce smoking, hydrate your body excessively and avoid using some medications, such as Aspirin, to prevent potential excessive bleeding. The treated areas may appear reddish, slightly swollen or itchy after the treatment, but all of this vanishes after few days, leaving you with extremely positive results and feeling of satisfaction.