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Rolfing is a technique designed by Dr. Ida Rolf, in the 50 years of the last century. Her technique evolved through the years with the intention of improving the connection between the structure and function of the body’s body tissue.The rolfing massage is performed to create a balance in the body through the main center of your gravitation.

How does the Rolfing massage work?

Because of our modern way of life where it is hard always to stay physically active and where our jobs are making us sit through most of our days, our tissue is becoming less functional trough time. That is the problem of the “sedentary” way of life. The goal of this massage is to process and restructure the artificial tissue, which is working on harmonizing the body in one of its main materials. The extent of movement and the degree of functioning are significantly improved each time after treatment.

Pressure to the limit of pain

For the tightened connective tissue to relax or return to an optimal state, practitioner Rolfing, with his hands and elbows, with deep and slow pressure moves through the selected parts of the body. The treated person itself determines the intensity of the pressure because the method only works if it is treated to the limit of “pleasant” pain, with the pain only occurring when processing glued and compressed tissue.

The treatment is preceded by conversation and body analysis – observing the man in front, on the side and behind, by which the therapist determines what the focus of treatment should be. Usually, it is recommended to make a series of 10 treatments, during which the whole body systematically and thoroughly treated the whole body: chest mobility, foot contact with the ground, legs, bowels, abdominal organs, back, arms, shoulders, and head.

When is the time to start the therapy?

A poor holding of the body can have significant consequences if it is not treated properly. The poor circulation in the neck may be enough to cause the disbalance between the head and the spine, which can lead to a headache and rheumatism. The Rolfing massage is done on the break of the compressed parts that limit the muscles and their skeletal attachments.

For example, the ‘compressed’ tissue on the hock of one leg disturbs the posture of the whole body and can even be the cause of the pain in shoulders. So the problem of pain in the shoulders cannot be solved only by treating the upper part of the back, but rather the entire body including legs should be treated. Changes in the connective tissue can be due to various reasons, such as imitating an ‘incorrect’ way of some other part of the body, a strong emotional trauma, injury, fall, fracture, blunt stroke or surgery.

There are different types of manual therapies, the massage treats muscles, chiropractic and osteopathy joints; reflexotherapy of the reflex zone of the foot, palm or face; shiatsu, yumeiho, acupuncture and acupressure work with the energies of the body; and in Rolfing we are dealing with connective tissue, all muscles, and internal organs are wrapped and connected, and it is in full meaning of the word responsible for the structure and static of the body.