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Overall health and strong integration of body and mind are achieved by healthy living style and healthy habits in every aspect of it, not by simple avoiding illnesses. This means you should integrate various methods of taking care of yourself into your everyday routine. Most of it is based upon proper biorhythm and sleeping regime. Another essential aspect includes a healthy diet. The third crucial element is regular physical activity. Depending on different traits of your physical state, form, and preferences, you may opt for a wide range of sports and physical activities that will suit you best. Now, picture the outfit of any truly healthy and good-looking person that simply reflects the healthy living style and high levels of self-improvement. You will notice that there is one precious element all of these people have – pearly shining teeth and impressive smile. Beautiful, healthy and well-maintained teeth and oral hygiene are somewhat a final proof of the overall health and inner harmony. Thus, aside from all the advice about proper diet and regular effective exercising we’ve brought you, here’s an overview of teeth whitening and the aftercare tips.

What is teeth whitening procedure?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure performed by most of the dentists and quite popular nowadays, especially among smokers. There are two different approaches, but both tend to remove stains and discoloration accumulated on the enamel surface of your teeth due to many reasons. Though teeth whitening procedure isn’t a permanent solution, it brings the shine and bright white color to your teeth, improving their health as well and providing you with an impressive smile. The mere procedure usually lasts less than an hour, the results are obvious immediately, and it is painless. However, teeth tend to be slightly more sensitive over the next few days and prone to absorption of various chemicals. Thus, there are some useful tips on zoom whitening aftercare if you want your bright white to stay that way for a long time.

What to avoid after teeth whitening procedure

Aside recommendation to avoid vigorous brushing of your freshly treated teeth over the few next days, most bans refer to various foods and drinks. This primarily goes for coffee and cigarettes. Red wine, soda and all sorts of colored juices are, also, to be avoided. Berries, soy sauce, ketchup and meet rich in fat tend to make stains over your enamel quickly, thus should be avoided.

Make your whitening last longer

To prolong lasting of the whitening effect, regular proper oral hygiene is essential. Aside from all the risky foods, drinks and habits you should avoid, there are some tips to be practiced. Drink a lot of milk and consume a lot of apples and bananas. Canned chicken, turkey and mashed potato are tasty and safe. Control the levels of sugar and fat intake and prefer raw vegetables. You might experience high sensitivity to hot and cold over the few days after the procedure. If this happens, treat your teeth with anti-sensitivity tooth paste and stick to a mild temperature of your food and drinks.